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This documentary film has been shown in Cairo (Egypt)
at 6th Cairo Conference against USA and Zionist Occupation
and it was selected for Medimed 2008 in Sitges (Spain)
To order it please write to laltralombardia@laltralombardia.it

Lebanon and Palestine: two peoples fighting imperialism

Documentary film description

Format: DVD
Runtime:  60 minutes
Directed and edited by  Mariella Megna
Written by Giorgio Riboldi
Produced by L’altra Lombardia – SU LA TESTA
Release date: 2008

First part: geopolitical introduction  (from Lebanon’s origin to the last Israeli aggression in 2006)
Second part: Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon ( Beddawi, Nahr el Bared and others) and topical  political subjects (the election of the new President, the adversaries and their positions with some interviews).

Mariella Megna and Giorgio Riboldi, members of L’altra Lombardia – SU LA TESTA association, shooted this documentary film during a visit in Lebanon organized by ‘Not to forget Sabra e Chatila’ Committee.
They paid particular attention to  southern Lebanon and the Palestinian refugee camps, in particular Bourj el Shemali (Tyre), Bourj el Baranjeh and Shatilla (Beyrouth), Beddawi and Nahr el Bared (Tripoli).
It is an attempt to tell the story of this country from its origin to the last Israeli aggression, investigating Khiam’s prison, Sabra and Chatila massacre and the situation in the Palestinian refugee camps.
You can see Nahr el Bared refugee camp razed to the ground by the Lebanese army and its inhabitants forced to live in the nearby Beddawi refugee camp’s schools.
There are also the interviews to a member of the opposition and to PFLP’s secretary-general in Lebanon, talking about the present political situation.
The authors want this documentary film to be a mean of understanding Lebanon’s complex political events, consequently all the first part is dedicated to historical reconstruction.
In the second part the Palestinian refugees’ situation and the topical political subjects are treated.
This documentary film is dedicated to the reporter Stefano Chiarini,  “Not to forget Sabra e Chatila” Committee’s founder, to George Habash, PFLP’s founder, and to Ahmed Sa’adat, PFLP’s general-secretary, jailed in Israel at present