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Boycott constantly and actively all economic, cultural and political activities of Israeli government.

Boycott actively all societies, all Italian and European institution and all multinational companies having and developing trade relations with Zionist state.

Israel is an imperialist state illegally occupying the Palestinian territory with the USA and UE support.

Israel justifies all violence and bombings on civilians as “war to terrorism”, supporting in this by international mass media and all sorts of political government.
All mass media in Italy are informing on the Gaza Strip and Occupied Territories situation in a shameful way.
The attacked (the Palestinians) become the attacking and the Israeli are represented as victims.
21 Palestinian children killed in less than one week is not a piece of news, but  the death of 4 Israeli in 3 years in the border settlements is changed in a hideous terroristic act.
Actually Israeli government and the USA, with the active complicity of EU, want to solve the “Palestinian question” by creating an ‘entity’ with no autonomy, assigning it a small part of territory without continuity.
This has nothing to do with an independent state and much with the South Africa’s Apartheid before Mandela.
They want to create a sort of  reserves inside Israel, many concentration camps under Israel authority, with no state autonomy, coordinated by a quisling government eventually headed by Abu Mazen.       
This normalization is nothing else  but an ethnic cleansing.  
Israeli government is trying every way to undermine Palestinian people’s life conditions in order to force them to leave their country.                                                                                                  
Israel and its ally USA aim actually at displacing all Arabs from Palestine.                                        
Palestinian people have resisted for 60 years suffering death, destroying, humiliation, failure, betrayal, but till when?
International and humanitarian law is in favour of Palestinian people and yet they are never fully supported by international community and they are considered and treated like a B-series people.
The unbearable situation that Palestinian people have suffered for 60 years is the “real moral question” and all of us are called to solve it by accomplishing “resisting acts”.
We must trust in our “resisting acts” in support of Palestinian people and persist in them because these people’s destiny  is also in our hands.
Are we able to prevent Italy from doing trade agreements with Israel? In a short time absolutely not, but we can create the conditions for it . Let’s begin not to buy some products or not to go where these products are sold.
If we consider the past, who had thought 30 years ago that Mandela would become the South Africa’s President?
Let’s begin to propagate news about Italy-Israel trade relations.
Italy is one of Israel’s 5 most important trade partners in the EU; it is one of the most important EU markets for Israeli exports with 11% together with Netherlands; the other  partners are France (10%), Germany (21%) and UK (18%); Italian exports to Israel reached new record last year and Israeli exports to Italy are increasing too.
Israel is one of the most important exporter in the world for military equipments with 10% in 2007; Israel’s imports  include military equipment, investment goods, rough diamonds, fuel, consumer goods; Israel imports 4,8% of its total imports from Italy.
We must say, in addition, that Italy is the only country in Europe where no demonstration in support of Gaza took place in coordination with the other European countries and in Italy the ‘Boycott Israel Campaign’ has stopped in a sudden, but elsewhere it has gained strength in the last 3 years.
The situation is dramatic, that’s why  whoever wants to support concretely Palestinian resistance and Palestinian cause in Italy he has to make a definite choice.
NO to ambiguity! NO to the moral blackmail of the holocaust!
We say it with serenity: we are not afraid of Jewish community’s expected accusations because we have fought the Fascists’ and the Nazis’ reviving all along . We can not stand the silence and the consent for Israeli crimes anymore!
Enough is enough!
Mobilize everywhere to reveal and stop Israeli crimes in the Gaza Strip and in the Occupied Territories.
Support resistance in Palestine and in all countries where people are fighting imperialism
Break the siege in Gaza
Tear down the Apartheid Wall
Right of return for all refugees 
Freedom  for all political priosoners
Stop to occupation
Right to self determination and sovereignity
No to economic agreements UE-Israel
Free Palestine!!

Milano (Italy) November 25th  2008

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