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16/18th september 1982 - 16/18th september 2008

26° anniversary of  SABRA and CHATILA massacre
by Israeli Zionist army

Israeli Zionist government has continued his criminal policy by occupying and destroying Palestinian territories.

On 26th anniversary of Sabra and Chatila massacre our association presents an abstract of our documentary film "Lebanon and Palestine: two peoples fighting imperialism".
This short video (7 minutes long) tells the real facts of this awful massacre. The familiars of th victims are still waiting a justice never accomplished and some of them have given us their evidence.

At the moment you can download only a low quality version of the short film (1Mb)
download the file (Real Media Player)

To order the DVD "
Lebanon and Palestine: two peoples fighting imperialism"
please write to laltralombardia@laltralombardia.it